Tata IPL Mega Auction 2022 Date and roles – Purse Remaining

Citizens of India are engrossed in the concept of IPL auction because of their keen interest in cricket. IPL matches and tournaments make every fan wear their heart on their sleeves. They worry about their favorite team. There is discussion in fear about the wildcard players.

It is unavoidable for any cricket fans to learn more about the mega auctioning element of IPL. Enthusiasm is boiling at this point in knowing who is going where? This love for the sport from lakhs of fans provides power to those bringing the game to you. The mega auction will determine the most awaited doubts of players in different teams.

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There is more information now that is flying around the internet. Auctioning news about our favorite players and teams exists, especially for fans. For any newbie on the IPL, this can be intriguing too. But what is this auctioning concept? 

The board of control for cricket in India (BCCI) plays a role in shaping the decision. IPL Mega Auction is a concept followed to get team players different opportunities. There is a total of 8 teams involved in making the IPL complete. 8 different states bring 8 different teams for the big match. Recruitment is a big deal and there are always mandated rules. IPL mega auction rules create decorum for such a large organization with a mass audience following. IPL mega auction date determines the preparation of any upcoming auction. 

Tata IPL 2022 Mega Auction Date:

As per the official announcement, BCCI has taken its final decision to conduct IPL 2022 Mega Auction on 12th and 13th February 2022. After which all the 10 teams will have to declare the retained list of players who are fully prepared to play the match.

  • The IPL match is held every year vigorously. 
  • There are matches and tournaments held leading to the ultimate winner. 
  • The players from each team can get a chance to be auctioned for another team. 

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The Tata IPL Mega Auction Role And Bidding  

The IPL Mega Auction 2022 is being awaited. Now you might wonder, what is the IPL mega auction? The mega auction IPL meaning depends on circumstances leading to the game. The bidders, the auctioning, the players, and the budget are all part of the huge mix. There are different sets of IPL mega auctioning that happened in the past years. So, you might question, when is the IPL mega auction? To simply put this, the event is essential participation. The mega auction is held every 3 to 4 years. The idea is to create a balanced team.  

IPL Mega Auction Role And Bidding
IPL Mega Auction Role And Bidding
  • There is a bidder’s role in the mega auction. Bidders perform a vital act. An opportunity is created for the players to join another team dynamics. Similarly, the bidders play a dependent relation in this exchange.
  • The players belonging to all IPL teams have the opportunity to sign for the auction process. The players can set a base price for themselves. The highest bidder, in this case, gets the player.
  • Once the player is bought by the franchise, there is a 3 years duration involved. This is the staying period to which he will remain. The auction amount chosen for the player gets him paid for that said duration.

Now, what about the players not selected in the auction? The remaining players here are eligible to sign as replacements. IPL Season 15 Mega Auction will continue the similar process of bidding by the franchise. Once the bidding closes, there is no further continuation. IPL Mega Auction 2022 will allow a few interesting takes. Since big players are available in teams, these said players can be picked by the new franchise.

The concept of RTM (Right to Match) might not be dependable this season. Since there is more information regarding the removal of this process. Right To Match provides the highest bid player for their services once again. But since it is unlikely to occur in the new season of auctions, there is no guarantee.

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Purse Remaining with each IPL Team after retention 2 to 4 players:

  • Punjab Kings (PBKS) – INR 72 Crore
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) – INR 68 Crore
  • Rajasthan Royals (RR) – INR 62 Crore
  • Lucknow IPL Team: INR 58 Crore
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) – INR 57 Crore
  • Ahmedabad IPL Team: INR 52 Crore
  • Mumbai Indians (MI) – INR 48 Crore
  • Chennai Super Kings (CSK) – INR 48 Crore
  • Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) – INR 48 Crore
  • Delhi Capitals (DC): INR 47.5 Crore

Lucknow IPL Team: The good news from the Lucknow camp is that the contract with KL Rahul as the captain of the team is final. And players like Marcus Stoinis and Ravi Vishnoi have been signed-in its camp before the mega auction.

Ahmedabad IPL Team: Due to the delay in sanctioning the team by the BCCI, the team’s decisions have been taken a bit slow. But the good thing is that they have Hardik Pandya as a captain. Another good news is coming in the Ahmedabad camp that the team has got a confirmed deal with Rashid Khan. The third player signed by the team will be Shubman Gill. And in this way, Ahmedabad has included these three players in its camp.

Here’s the list of players retained up by the 10 franchises:

  1. Chennai Super Kings – Ravindra Jadeja (16 crores), MS Dhoni (12 crores), Moeen Ali (8 crores), and Ruturaj Gaikwad (6 crores)
  2. Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) – Kane Williamson (14 crores), Umran Malik (4 crores), and Abdul Samad (4 crores)
  3. Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) – Andre Russell (12 crores), Venkatesh Iyer (8 crores), Varun Chakraborty (8 crores), and Sunil Narine (6 crores)
  4. Punjab Kings (PBKS) – Mayank Agarwal (14 crores) and Arshdeep Singh (4 crores)
  5. Rajasthan Royals (RR) – Sanju Samson (14 crores), Jos Buttler (10 crores), and Yashasvi Jaiswal (4 crores)
  6. Delhi Capitals (DC) – Rishabh Pant (16 crores), Axar Patel (9 crores), Prithvi Shaw (7.5 crores), and Enrique Nortje (6.5 crores)
  7. Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) – Virat Kohli (15 crores), Glenn Maxwell (11 crores), and Mohammad Siraj (7 crores)
  8. Mumbai Indians (MI) – Rohit Sharma (16 crores), Jasprit Bumrah (12 crores), Suryakumar Yadav (8 crores), and Kieron Pollard (6 crores)
  9. Ahmedabad IPL Team – Hardik Pandya (15 crores), Rashid Khan (15 crores), and Shubman Gill (7 crores).
  10. Lucknow IPL Team – KL Rahul (17 crores), Marcus Stoinis (11 crores), and Ravi Bishnoi (4 crores).

The Teams in IPL Auction 

The famous number of 8 teams in the IPL are all subjected to the standard rules. These teams are currently responsible for the matches and audience hype.

  • We have Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Sunrisers Hyderabad representing a bit of South and West. We have Punjab Kings and Delhi Capitals towards the North. Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals team represents opposite states of the eastern and western section in India.
  • A maximum of 25 players in the team can be created. Previously a budget of 85 crores was on the line. However, the responsible board has increased the value, which will continue for the next two years. The budget is bound to change with time and duration, and IPL 2024 can see a budget of 100 crores. IPL Mega Auction 2022 can bring about changes in all teams. A player can be retained where auctioning will not be conducted on the particular player. The budget might be utilized in this retained action. The remaining budget left is possible for auctioning other desired players. Even the players from the team are categorized for better segregation in strategy. 
  • Mega auction IPL chances can be betterment for some teams. There are three categories to understand this concept better. Capped players are those players that have represented the country in away matches. Meaning, the players from the team visited abroad for different matches to represent the country. The matches can be one day, test matches, or more. This category completely includes any single game that is played abroad.  
  • Uncapped players here represent those players that have not indulged in games abroad. Uncapped players refer to those players that are involved in domestic matches.
  • The third category is foreign players or overseas players. Here, it refers to any non-Indian players in the team. And as per the rule, there cannot be more than eight numbers of foreign players. Also, the further rule dictates that only 4 of these 8 players can take part in playing the XI match. 
  • Often the budget for auctioning can fluctuate. Meaning, the players retained can cause a higher budget leaving less expense for auctioning.  

The Year 2020 and 2021 For IPL 

The IPL fans have witnessed their fair share of patience. Now, an interesting observation is the changes. The concept of retaining a player has been changed since 2021 January. You can expect later years to have a different procedure from the aforementioned. There often arises question like will there be a mega auction in IPL 2021? Nonetheless, IPL 2021 mega auction rules provide an opportunity for bidders to place bids on necessary players. Pandemic has brought a standstill to many events including the IPL 2021. The idea of 2021 IPL mega auction and IPL mega auction 2020 seemed more distant due to unavoidable worldwide setbacks.

Looking At the Year 2022 

  • This is a much-awaited topic among viewers and perhaps even the bidders. This auction is in preparation for the fourteenth edition. There has always been an uproar amongst enthusiastic fans regarding IPL 2022 Mega Auction 2022 date. Of course, if you are a sports fan, you would too. 
  • The IPL 2022 Mega Auction 2022 date and information created such a topic of discussion. BCCI has confirmed there will be two new franchises. Mega auction IPL 2022 date will be announced once the finalization begins. However, there is a chance of it happening in December 2021 or January 2022. The existing IPL teams can retain the players for the given duration of 1st November to 30th November 2021. The new team can retain from the 1st of December to the 25th, 2021.  
  • The system in the year 2022 will see a few different changes from the prior years’ auction. There is a huge budget change, which can be witnessed. A 90 crores budget is determined, which can subsequently increase in the following years. The IPL mega auction 2022 rules mandate the number of players for retention is 3 to 4 only. Before the auction, the franchises can retain 3 Indian and 1 overseas player. Or, it can be 2 Indian and 2 overseas, there are also chances of always changing the rules. Players like Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, and Rohit Sharma in their respective franchises become the first choice. They draw 15 crores for the IPL season counting from the 2018 year.  

All the stages of the auction begin with the preparation among the owners themselves. There is a minimum requirement of 18 players in each team. The owners will prepare by analyzing their team players and whom to focus on. For retention and auctioning this method helps initiate the process. 

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