10 Reasons To Watch The NFL Preseason

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As you know, preseason training is the period of intense training for tuning players’ fitness before the regular season begins. The NFL preseason is an important period for upcoming NFL athletes to showcase their talents and show that they belong in the NFL.

The upcoming 3 week-long NFL preseason is an exciting and spectacular curtain-raiser for the next NFL season. This exhibition period is an unpredictable action-packed event that begins a few months after the regular season culminates.

This year’s NFL preseason is expected to begin on August 12th and end on August 28th. The regular season starts on the 9th of September. So, it would be ideal to circle your calendar and stay tuned. There will also be a hall of fame game on August 5 between Jacksonville Jaguars and Las Vegas Raiders.

This year’s preseason will be bigger & better and most viewers will watch the NFL on tv and stream live games.

But why should you watch the NFL preseason?

Here are 10 reasons why the preseason is better than the regular season.

1. Watch rematches from your favorite teams

The preseason is a chance to catch intense action rematches from some of your favorite teams.

For example, you can catch the action from Lions vs Falcons (13th of August), Raiders vs Vikings (14th of August), and Dolphins vs Raiders (21st of August). However, you should know how to watch NFL live stream even without cable.

NBC Sports, luckily, will air the NFL preseason on live TV streaming services like Hulu with Live TV, Yahoo Sports App, YouTube TV, Fubo TV, and Direct TV stream.

2. A chance to discover new talent

Most NFL teams participating in the NFL preseason showcase fresh talent. This is not the only opportunity for players to prove their worth. It is an opportunity for the fans to see new talent on the screens.

Most unidentified/college athletes in the participating teams will feature in the regular season if they prove their worth.

3. Get more action than commercial

The regular NFL season is sponsored by different brands. This means that constantly be interrupted by many TV ads during the game.

The preseason is, however, full of action with limited TV ads. You will enjoy between 3 to 6 NFL games in week 2 and between 4 to 5 games daily from week 3 to week 4.

4. The NFL is an American thanksgiving tradition

Sports tradition from all the pro sports in the United States is normal. These include the super bowl, Stanley Cup, NBA finals, and many more. Sports fans have traditions dating back hundreds of years.

The NFL preseason is another American thanksgiving tradition where fans supporting different teams gather in stadiums to enjoy the games as one big family.

5. A combination of drama and entertainment

As much as you will enjoy watching the games live on NFL TV channels, you can also witness the drama in the stadiums.

Some teams will have new coaches, players, mascots, and team managers. You can also witness a complete reshuffle of team members by the coaches. Your favorite Quarter Back might play as a Wide receiver in one or two games (something you cannot see in the regular season).

The preseason is a period to catch the entertainment as you wait for the regular season.

Without the NFL preseason, it would be a dull few months with no action.

6. A chance to support your favorite team

You also need to support your favorite team in the preseason as you do in the regular season.

The preseason is an opportunity to support the reserve players who will have a chance to showcase their talents.

7. No overlap

Usually, the regular NFL season has a tight game schedule over the weekends with multiple games colliding at the same time. Fans usually have a hard time deciding which match to watch during this period.

Fortunately, the preseason has a schedule allowing you to watch all the games live without flipping the channels. You can watch all the games or a few of your favorite matches without interference.

8. Every game is special

The NFL games today on TV are exciting to watch. However, every NFL preseason game will be special (even without the tension you witness in the regular season).

The preseason is like a short season or a tournament on its own. Teams change their tactics from defensive to offensive and vice versa, for instance.

9. Any team can win

Even the “most favorite team to win” in the list participating in the NFL preseason can fail to rise to the occasion during the preseason.

The NFL preseason, as you know, is an unpredictable period, and a team with the least fans can surprisingly win the NFL preseason and start the new season on a high.

Another reason not to miss the matches.

10. Amazing feats from “unpopular athletes”

Usually, young talents in the NFL field never disappoint the fans. You will see new talent maneuvering confined spaces, outrunning the defensive guard, or beating the right tackle with their overwhelming skills.


There are several reasons you need to watch the NFL preseason that begins this August. The above list covers only 10 reasons to wait for it.

Unfortunately, there is no NFL schedule on TV tonight to keep you waiting for the action.

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