Best Open-World Games to Play Right Now

Open-World Games

Open-world games enjoy a lot of popularity among players. No wonder more and more such games are being released by prominent developers. In the following article, we will have a look at the best ones in the following category.

Fallout 4

This game proves that post-apocalypse isn’t always boring. The game can not be called revolutionary and iconic, but fighting in a place densely populated by locals and monsters in Boston is at least interesting. The fights seem endless, which does not let the gamer get bored.

It is also interesting that in this game you can change the world around you, and not just interact with individual objects. For example, you can free the village, so that later, with the locals, build a settlement protected from monsters in its place.

Grand Theft Auto 5

This game definitely justifiably received a lot of attention from users. The developers have outdone themselves here because Los Santos looks much more attractive than the cities and states from previous versions.

Interestingly, real prototypes were used to create locations, which were transferred to the game world with high attention to detail. The atmosphere of the places is completely transferred, due to which it is even more interesting to play.

The open world complements the exciting storyline and the real madness that is happening on the streets. This is what raised the average number of hours in the game to 100 or more. You can extend the pleasure in GTA Online, which has already been chosen by thousands of users. Also, it is possible to play different casino mini-games in GTA 5. Of course, you won’t be able to enjoy slots online but still, the presence of other mini-games is worth mentioning.


If we already remembered the game where you can change the open world, then it would be a mistake not to include Minecraft. In this game, adults first fought in creativity, and now more and more schoolchildren mine ore and build new settlements in their free time.

The open world is supported here in two modes. Many developers try to understand the Minecraft phenomenon and repeat it, but they fail to reach the height that this simple interactive constructor sets. Each update of the game brings something new to it and increases the interest of users. Despite the seemingly primitive graphics, the detail of the built objects is amazing – many people erect monuments of culture and architecture on the maps.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is worth your attention. In addition to battles, there is an imitation of life and death in the Middle Ages, which attracts players and makes the gameplay more interesting.

For example, taking a shower increases the loyalty of others, and they begin to communicate more friendly. If you have a high reputation in the city, then the locals will start to rejoice at the appearance of the hero and greet him by shouting his name loudly.

Despite the absurd detail in some places in the imitation of life, the developers managed to combine it with the gameplay at a high level. It is interesting that initially, the hero is a simple and kind guy who remains so until the very end. He is not a leader, everyone laughs at him, but he easily copes with the mysteries and dangers of the Middle Ages.

Forza Horizon 3

The rating of open-world games would not be complete if it did not include a game in the racing genre. Most often, such games offer to open part of the world as the hero’s rating grows, but in this version, the developers acted differently – they make it possible to complete additional quests in addition to races.

Special stunts and tasks decorate this simulator. It is also worth noting the excellent design of cars.

This part can be called the best in the series, due to the recreation in the game world of a huge number of Australian landscapes. Here you can ride on city streets, through deserts and green parks. Interesting gameplay and sufficient attention to detail made this game attractive to fans of the genre.

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